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Orthopedic Therapy with Manipulations (OMT) is a special part of Physiotherapy for the rehabilitation of neuromuscular-skeletal problems, based on clinical reasoning, using highly specialized approach techniques, which include manipulations & therapeutic exercises.

Orthopedic Manipulation Therapy includes and is guided by the available scientific and clinical evidence and the bio-psychosocial context of each patient individually.

What makes manual therapy unique is that it gives the ability to the specialized Physiotherapist to combine the latest scientific developments from research in combination with the correct clinical reasoning. In this way the treatment aims at the cause of the problem and not at the symptom.

Rethymnon physiotherapy, Rethymnon physiotherapists

As a result, Physiotherapy ceases to be passive only with electrotherapy machines and becomes active, in which the patient starts from the very first visits to participate in the active rehabilitation program with exercises. The use of electrotherapy machines is limited to a minimum and only for pain relief.

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