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Therapeutic Massage


       Massage is believed to be the oldest and most widespread treatment method used to relieve pain, repair injuries and stimulate the body's energy. Therapeutic massage is a scientific method of manipulating soft tissues that affects the muscular , nervous and circulatory systems, and not just a gentle massage with essential oils and relaxing music. Massage stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system creating a sense of calm and relaxation. Relieves muscle pain , stimulates the immune system (stimulating the circulation of lymphatic fluid that eliminates toxins from our body) strengthens the function of respiration and fights physical fatigue .


















As in any therapeutic operation, so in Massage, there are indications and contraindications. Therapeutic Massage, in addition to knowledge of various manipulations and techniques, requires knowledge of anatomy , physiology and pathology of the human body. For this reason it should be applied only by professional Physiotherapists, who are the only ones who have the legally guaranteed right to practice Massage, the appropriate education and the corresponding scientific knowledge.


Therapeutic massage involves special pressures on points of muscle or myo-peritoneal tension , known as muscle spasm. Many times the patient's pain and other symptoms are of muscular origin . The discovery of Trigger points and then their release is important for a complete cure. It is applied to acute or chronic cases of pain, in any area of the body, dealing with either local or reported pain.


The difference between Therapeutic & Relaxing massage

       The relaxing massage helps to stimulate the body, the circulatory system, the anti-aging, the increase of the lymphatic circulation and the elasticity of the tissues & the skin, with gentle manipulations, giving results of well-being and relaxation.

       On the contrary, therapeutic massage is suitable for fractures , muscle spasms , cervical syndrome , back pain , sciatica , headaches , migraines , rheumatism , etc. If you suffer from any of the above do not miss the opportunity to be relieved immediately and without the side effects of chemical drugs.


Athletic massage


It is a dynamic muscle relaxing massage that focuses on areas of the body that have been affected by repetitive loads after exercise or work. Reduces the feeling of fatigue, relieves pain, improves flexibility and reduces healing and recovery time. Helps prevent injuries and prepares the body and mind for maximum performance. Anyone who regularly participates in exercise programs or has increased daily stress due to work can benefit from sports massage.



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