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Residential rehabilitation is the provision of health services at the patient's site or in the early stages of rehabilitation when access to the physiotherapy facility is not easy.
It is aimed at patients who wish to stay in their own space in
  the whole process of rehabilitation without losing the opportunity for a complete therapeutic intervention. The Therapeutic program is designed according to the particularities and needs of each patient. 
The Physiotherapist at an early stage visits the patient's site to make the first contact and begin the process of evaluation and history taking. In this meeting all the necessary information for the patient will be taken so that there is a complete picture and the appropriate rehabilitation program is designed.

The Resident Therapy is addressed to various diseases such as:
   Rehabilitation after surgery (arthroplasty, fractures)
   Musculoskeletal Diseases (Backache, cervical syndrome,)
   Strengthening after injury or surgery
   Neurological Diseases (Stroke, Multiple Sclerosis)
   Respiratory Physiotherapy
   Fall prevention
   Training and tips for proper ergonomic positioning and injury prevention
   Education and family environment tips

Our goal is the comprehensive care service to the patient from the first stages of treatment to the end to return to the level of activity he desires. Our services are fully respectful of his own needs and aspirations.

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