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Electrotherapy is an important factor for physical therapy in the field of analgesia (pain) -empowerment. Electric currents penetrate the skin and heal (analgesic currents) or enhance (stimulating currents) muscle tone in atrophic muscles (of different etiology) in muscle atrophies using special electrodes (metal-silicone-stylus-suction-suction). Depending on the condition and certain parameters (such as form of electrical stimulus, duration, pause time, frequency, intensity) the electric current can be used offering great results in the areas where it is applied as a treatment, contributing:

• In reducing pain

• Enhancement of muscle tone for the formation and maintenance of muscles.

• Stimulation of blood circulation

Nerve stimulation for example by training the nerve and treating paralysis 

• Muscle relaxation (muscle spasms)

• Iontophoresis - ionophoresis (with galvanic current) outdated method because already in the field of physiotherapy there is the shift Molecolare III with successful transfer of the active ingredients of various drugs into the tissue at a rate of up to 96%.







• This method  Contraindicated in malignancies and in people with a pacemaker.

Current forms 

• Analgesics-TENS-diadynamics (MF-DF-CP-LP) crossover

Strengthening currents Russian KOTS currents, faraday currents, pulsed currents, galvanic currents, SM (for stimulation of muscle - nerve fibers  There are also other combinations of currents, some of which have penetrated the field of aesthetics (different forms of currents = different result).

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